As a family company FRUITS SECS SENDROS SL has chosen, from the beginning, a product of quality as well as customer’s satisfaction.

Moved by these principles, during the period 2006-07 the company  has implemented the traceability control system all the way from the entry to the exit of the product,  thanks to this up-to-date system we can easily guarantee to our customers the origin of the nuts due to the fact that we are able to trace the course of the product,  any product can be followed all the way from its source to its final destination.

It is important  to point out that we are handling  the product according to national and EU standard regulations with reference to chemical, micro biotical and contaminants requirements.

Among our products the organic almond  deserves special mentioning, for over 10 years this very special product has got the back-up of the governmental  organism “Consell Catalá de producccio Agraria Ecològica” (CCPAE) since 1993.