FRUITS SECS SENDROS SL, is located at la Granadella, the place being a central point among the villages “Bellaguarda”, “Bovera” and “El Soleràs”, an exceptional situation for the almond crop and so, taking advantage of this excellent site for this sort of product, a great part of our production comes from these villages. In this arid land where almond and olive have been the chief crop for over a century farmers are devoted to growing almond and olive trees. Due to its climate and specially suitable soil this area produces dry fruits of the highest quality.

Climatic conditions have a great influence on farming.  For years the crops have been effected by the inclemency of the weather and these are the elements that have decided production results. Actually thanks to new irrigation facilities extended all over the region we may rest assured that the drought is not, any more, the factor causing crop loss.